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Whatever your reasons for buying, finding the right home in the perfect neighborhood, and at a cost that is within your budget, is no small task.  That's why many buyers choose to work with a full-service, licensed real estate professional, like myself, to guide them through the process.  I have detailed information about properties for sale by every company, and can make appointments to see any home that you're interested in.

  • Help you find the home that best meets your needs in the most efficient timeframe
  • Provide current market data to assist you in making informed decisions
  • Help you understand all the terms, processes, and documents involved in a real estate transaction
  • Represent your needs through skilled negotiations and effective communication
  • Provide you with a peace-of-mind that all details are being handled in a professional and efficient manner


  1. I promise to tell you the truth about your property. I will give you my honest assessment of what your home or the home you are considering buying, is worth.

  2. I promise to disclose all my relationships in the transaction. If I am representing both the buyer and the seller in our transaction, I am obligated to tell you. However, there are other kinds of relationships that may influence our business together, so if you’re thinking of buying my brother-in-law’s house, I’ll tell you that too.  As they say, the Big Island is a small town.

  3. I promise not to put my commission ahead of what’s best for you.

  4. I promise to respect your confidences. During the course of our working together, you may share personal, financial, and other confidential information with me. I will not disclose this information to anyone.

  5. I promise to show you all the available properties in your search criteria. I’ll show you any property that meets your needs, regardless of who has the listing.

  6. I promise to give you good advice. I deal with lenders, home inspectors, appraisers, property managers, and countless other professionals on a regular basis. I can give you solid recommendations about these matters, if you need them, and if I think you might be making a bad choice, I’ll tell you.

  7. I promise not to push you into a bidding war above your stated budget. Real estate is a competitive business and there are offers and counter-offers that go on during any business deal. However, I will not encourage you to go beyond your maximum budget to buy a property.

  8. I promise that you will understand what you’re signing. Any real estate deal involves a mountain of paperwork. You’ll be asked to sign all kinds of documents and I will explain them all and make sure you are comfortable every step of the way.

  9. I promise to tell you the truth about myself. I’ll provide you with information about my background, my training, and my experience as a Realtor. I won’t make any false claims. I’ll discuss my commissions and any other compensation I might receive as a result of our transaction.

  10. I promise to follow through and follow up. I don’t list and leave. I’ll discuss with you exactly how I work and what you can expect. I’ll communicate regularly and you’ll know everything that’s going on as soon as I know it. Even after we close the deal I’ll keep in touch, to be sure you’re still happy with the way things turned out.

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